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To our friends,


There are many Christians today who are not attending a church regularly. The reasons vary and we're not looking to condemn anyone, or to place blame. However, for us to effectively function in our place in the kingdom of God, we need to be connected somehow to the body of Christ. In today's world this is becoming more and more evident and important.


When we find ourselves without a connection to a body of believers, it's difficult to stay encouraged and strengthened. We become limited in the function of our gift.


We feel the Lord wants to encourage all of His people to move forward, to move closer towards Him. Whether or not you feel connected to a church, the Lord wants you to connect with Him. He wants to take you to a place in Him where you can fulfill your call and destiny.


If you feel a tug on your heart, a hope of finding your purpose in the Lord, or perhaps a greater level of healing and freedom, then come join us as we seek the Lord, leaving behind all the things that are in the way of experiencing the intimate relationship He longs to have with us.


Tim and Rose Murdock


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Shepherd's Voice Church

1234 Bangor Rd.

Waterford, Michigan 48328